Barbara Szteinberg

Welcome to BDSTraducciones

I'm a young professional translator and interpreter and, as required by this job, I have a deep respect and affection for words in any form. After ten years of experience, I've learnt that this is an essential ingredient to do a quality job, what is more, it is the difference between a good job and a standard job. I have also learnt that to make the difference, it is vital to understand clients' needs, to be on time, to respect the material, to guarantee confidentiality and to dive into the topic with research and study. This last aspect in particular is the one I find most challenging and fascinating as it gives me the chance to learn something different every day.


According to my view, the translator and interpreter is a communicator, it acts as the bridge between two parties that want to communicate. It is that important. It is that big. It isn't enough to have a vast knowledge of a foreign language and of your mother tongue to convey a message into another language, we must understand the goal of the message with all its nuances: in the case of translation, to know how to read between lines and, in the case of interpretation, be aware of the tone of the speakers. Again, the difference between a quality job and a standard job.


Two other important learning aspects are peers and constant training. On the one hand, colleagues are those in whom we trust for large translation projects and in the booth, for instance, in the case of simultaneous interpretation. To be able to select trustworthy colleagues is a guarantee that the job will be successful and to be called to share tasks is a wonderful sign of trust. On the other, training and education is what reinforces my knowledge, whether about the foreign language or the mother tongue in any of its fields: translation, interpretation, writing, editing, etcetera.


I choose my profession every day and I transmit my love for words in every project.



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